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New Year Resolution Thoughts for Triathletes

A swimmer contemplates his New Year resolutions.

The New Year Resolution dates back to the time of the Roman Empire, and focused mainly   being good to others. Today, many, if not most people make resolutions on the doorstep of New Year’s Eve, many to be broken before the end of the New Years first week. Oh, well — nice try. Topping most people’s list seem to focus on health, wellness, fitness, weight loss, and breaking bad habits. As a triathlete, you likely have already accomplished most, if not all of these. If your resolution list is a bit short on substance, here are several triathlon related suggestions to get you going.

Resolve to Have an Injury-Free Season

Many triathletes cite an injury free season as their resolution for the new season.  An injury-free season is not only possible, it should be expected. Often, injuries are the result of  going too far, too fast, too soon. Respect the sport of triathlon, its distances, and apply solid principles and practices to your training, including rest and recovery, an injury free  season will become the norm rather than the exception.

Resolve to get a Coach

Professional coaches are only  for professional triathlete: I’ve heard it all before. Well,  nothing could be further from reality. True, most coaches strive to work with  a high-level, elite athlete at some point in their career, most, however know where their bread is buttered — with the age-group athlete. And for most, that is just fine. In my coaching experience, many athletes will spend the first few seasons trying to learn from a variety of sources such as books, the internet, and other amateur triathletes: hodgepodge. A professional coach cares about your health, happiness, and success, factoring all of this together with your athletic and triathlon experience to develop a comprehensive approach to training and racing.

Resolve to take a Mid-Season Break

Perhaps you have noticed the trend;  a mid-season break called a transition, which is  similar to the break period of the winters off-season. I have not yet tried a transition period, however I resolve to do so this season after my A-race in August as I know how rest and recovery fits into a successful, healthy, and fun season. A transition break usually occurs  mid-season, or after an A-priority race. The duration varies, but in general last a week, depending on the mental and physical fatigue level of the athlete

Gregg Seltzer is a certified USA Triathlon & USA Cycling coach, as well as a strength & conditioning trainer. He competes in multiple triathlon and  other types of endurance events. He may be reached via his email; gregg@tri-ability.com. As always, we appreciate your comments and feedback.

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